Real Estate Auction Services

Roger Farley has been a licensed Missouri Real Estate Broker for almost 20 years. He has the professional knowledge to handle any type of Real Estate property marketing and selling. Let Roger show you the advantage of the auction method of selling Real Estate. When Real Estate is sold at auction it is sold totally as-is. If a prospective buyers desires to have a property inspected it will be before the property is auctioned and will be at the buyers expense. We encourage each buyer to inspect each property to the fullest extent so they will be informed to what they are buying before hand. With Real estate we like at least 30 days to market the property. We usually have 2 open houses and are prepared to show the property on demand as needed. We like to market the property the best way we can but also realize that advertising is very expensive. We work with the seller to put together thwe best advertising plan for the advertising funds available. When we auction a Real estate property we require the successful bidder to put down a non-refundable deposit for 10% of the purchase price. Since every property is sold as-is the deposit helps make sure the buyer always completes the transaction. The property taxes are prorated up to the day of closing with the seller giving the buyers a credit for the part of the year that they owned the property to the buyers at the closing. The buyers are responsible for paying the entire tax bill at the end of the year. The buyers pay all the expenses involved in purchasing the property like appraisals, loan fees and the such. The seller pays for the title insurance policy, prorated taxes, 50% of the closing company closing costs and anything needed to give the buyers a clear and free title to the property. We make this whole process from start to finish as easy as possible for both the sellers and the buyers. We have a good knowledge of properties in trusts and estates.